Why Sell Athena?

There are so many reasons why you should start selling Athena Body Care products. Is it the ability to make some additional income selling a product that everyone uses and needs? Or is it the flexibility to work whenever and wherever you want? Or is it the friendships and experiences you gain along the way? Nope... It's all of the above. 

Learn more about the process below.


Ready to get started?

First step is to create an account in our dashboard. Once you have done that you will be able to access marketing tools, create your own customized reference link, and upload your tax documents. It's as easy as 1-2-3. 



Now That You Are Setup!

Once you have signed up and setup your account you'll be able to customize your Athena URL. This URL is what you'll give out to your friends, family and clients to generate sales. Make sure you upload your profile photo to help your customers verify whose store they are shopping in. 



Get out and make some sales

It's simple really, the more you sell the more your make! Every Consultant starts out at 20% commission on all orders. Once you hit $200 in sales, you become an Executive Consultant and get a boost to 25% commission. Before you know it, you'll have $1000 in sales and become an Athena Director and make 30% commission on all orders! Be creative in your sales approach, farmer's market, craft fairs, dime stores and neighborhood facebook groups! If you need a bulk order for direct sales, reach out to us at contact@athenabody.com and we will get you setup with a discounted order. 


You've Got an Order!

After your store is live and you have told everyone about the best soap and bath bombs in the world, people will begin to order some for themselves. When you get an order you'll be able to see it in your dashboard. Don't forget to thank them for their order!


The Tough Part!

Don't worry, we handle all the dirty work! We will pull all your customer's orders and get them all tucked in nicely in it's new shipping box, and send it out! In the rare event someone has an issue, we will handle any customer questions, concerns, and issues. 

Now it's time to get paid!

All approved purchases will be paid out on 15th and last day of the month via Paypal. If the pay date falls on a weekend you will be paid the Friday before. All orders have a 7 days holding period from the date ordered before they are eligible for payment.