Product Information

Our Products:

Soap: Soap loaves are cold pressed, which means there is more control over the ingredients put into the mixture. Natural and organic ingredients are used to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. Once the loaf is complete, they are sliced into individual bars.

Cold process soaps are healthier for the skin, and with all of our soaps using organic shea butter and natural olive and coconut oil, it gives your skin a better treatment and lather with every wash. 

Bath Bombs: All bath bombs use the same ingredients listed on the bath bomb, with a few extras that are notated in each listing. (such as cosmetic grade glitter, rose petals, ground oatmeal, etc.) Another key ingredient used is again, organic shea butter. This leaves your skin silky smooth after each bath taken with our bath bombs. The citric acid is used to help the bath bomb "fizz" for better dissolving. No more finishing your bath before your bath bomb has dissolved!

Sugar Scrub: Using sugar scrub is a great product for smooth skin all day. Also uses organic shea butter, coconut and olive oil. Great for showers or baths. 

 Shower Bomb: A shower bomb has multiple ways it can be used. It can be used as a shower steamer, by placing it out of direct water stream on the floor of your shower, or on your soap dish. The water will dissolve the shower bomb creating an aroma to breathe in. Depending on your length of shower, you may get more than one use! As a body bomb, you can break pieces off to exfoliate your body for smooth skin. We recommend trying a small area first. These are made similar to bath bombs. 

Body Butter: We chose body butter over lotion because body butter is better for dry skin. The base is different from lotion by using Shea butter and oils like coconut for a thicker and smoother finish  

Bath Salt: Soak in the tub with our bath salts! Once again, it’s great for refreshing and smoothing the skin, and breathing in each different aroma can be soothing and relaxing. Pour a little or pour a lot, let it dissolve and enjoy! All bath salts contain sea salt. 

* All colorants used are FDA approved (provided by Spectra Colors)
* All regular soap bars that use olive oil are vegan (excludes goat's milk)
* All products may vary in style and hue as not all batches/items are the same. Product usage may also vary for each customer.